About M. Alex LaShelle

M. Alex LaShelle started making art after falling in love with anime at age four and comics after discovering manga at age ten. Combined with an unhealthy dose of novels, video games, metal, horror, and science during her formative years, she decided to pursue her interest in arts and entertainment professionally.

Alex has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design’s school of Communication Arts in Atlanta, GA. (She also believes that to be a bit of a mouthful but has given up on simplicity because no one knows what Sequential Art is.)

The complexity of her work, however, comes from a mixture of perfectionism and fascination with the beauty, mystery, and complexity of our universe. Her work also focuses on characters with unique struggles and representations. She aims to create art that tells stories that matter and stay in the hearts of audiences forever.

Alex is currently a freelance concept designer and sculptor in the greater Atlanta area where she creates art and concepts for businesses and films. She is also the Operations Director at ASIFA-South.


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